How to Become a Contributor at GrowthBytes

GrowthBytes Blog is all about founding, promoting, and running a company in the digital era – mainly business and marketing oriented. Though, when it comes to brand awareness and status GrowthBytes often publishes content outside of these areas. 

Is the GrowthBytes Contributor Program useful to you?

GrowthBytes constitutes an established program that welcomes contributions from a diverse spectrum of participants: these are most of the time specialists in their fields, with unique perspectives and knowledge on the subject. GrowthBytes believes that these contributors will be able to curate and develop material that appeals to GrowthBytes’ current readership while allowing GrowthBytes to reach out to new audiences.

Another use of the Contributor Program is that it allows GrowthBytes to expand the types of material it could produce and the market sectors it could cover, thus,  allowing the company to grow its brand name and improve its position in the highly competitive digital era.

Benefits of becoming a GrowthBytes Contributor

The recognition that comes with being a GrowthBytes contributor is undoubtedly the biggest reason most people register for a contributor. Contributors can include “published in GrowthBytes” on your profile, which can help you grow in the future.

GrowthBytes allows you to make use of GrowthBytes’ large readership, SEO ranking, and social media following while also assisting you in the development of backlinks to social media and websites.

By creating content that resonates with your intended/targeted audience, it is possible to create extra opportunities, build up connections, and grow your social media following.

Every piece of content you create should be built with the view to adding value to the reader while also covering any area of expertise.

How GrowthBytes contributing works

Write anything springing to mind (within reason)

For the most part, as a contributor, you are expected to only post content in your original line of expertise. So, if for example, you usually post about branding or about SEO improvement, then all your subsequent content needs to be within this niche. Of course, GrowthBytes will allow for some minor deviation, but if you deviate a lot from your main area of expertise, you should have in mind that it will likely end up deleted—and don’t expect any warning either. Repetitive breaking of the rules might get you kicked off the program. 

Editing will be minimal

GrowthBytes interferes to the minimum possible degree: there is little or no editing before getting published:  whatever you post will be immediately visible on the website and will begin generating views and shares, so make sure your copy is as sound as possible. 

Once the piece is published, GrowthBytes will look it over to see that it fits within its guidelines, and may make small finishing touches and edits if need be. If the content is of poor quality, or if it violates the editorial policy in any possible way, then the odds are it’ll be deleted for good.

The application process for GrowthBytes guest-posting 

Apply directly by filling in a simple form. GrowthBytes will review your application and contact you as soon as possible. 

Some useful tips :

  1. Keep it short.
  2. Keep it simple.
  3. Highlight your expertise. 
  4. Provide links with your work.
    If you have a specific site with your portfolio, add it to the relevant field. 
  5. Be clear and sound

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