Effie Bersoux

She is a data-driven marketer and a specialist in data-driven strategies to drive growth. At the same time, she is a firm believer that nothing can beat a great idea so there's no holding her back when it comes to creative, out-of-the-box concepts and delivering superior brand experiences.

Top 20 Social Media & PR Blogs

So here I am again, striking, this time, the cyberspace with the top 20 Social Media and PR blogs.If you thought that you could get rid of me easily with a couple of SEO articles you are so naive my little friend.

Instagram tools to stand out from the crowd

“A picture is worth a thousand of words”. I bet you have already heard this. Using visuals is the best way to send a message. People will understand and remember it, they will engage with your content and hopefully, share it! For this reason, I have gathered all my favorite Instagram tools. 

Grow your email list like a pro!

Email list building is still and will always be important both in the B2B and B2C industry. This happens because email itself is pretty much alive. Just take a moment and think! Most of us have two or three personal favorite newsletters! These newsletters probably have some sponsored content or, in any case, aim at a sale. Nevertheless, we keep opening them, clicking and engage with the content.

How to increase Email marketing performance by 56%

Well the movie sucked, let’s hope  your campaign won’t. Reading calls for help and seeing the demand for email marketing consultation, were some of the reasons why I decided to share my thoughts on this subject. The other more important reason is some data I came upon the other day, that made me realise even more the value emails can produce for your overall marketing campaign.

The 7 Viral Marketing secrets you’re looking for

What exactly could trigger virality is something that almost every company is searching for. If you ask me, this is the purpose of a marketing strategy overall; to spread your product so much into the audience that it will start spreading it around like a virus by itself. I’ve been heavily involved with referral marketing lately, so I came up with 7 secrets that ensure that you’ll increase the K-factor of your product or service.

30 secrets to improve your Social Media presence!

How do you even get 10k followers on Social Media? How do I even use this thing!? Too many buttons! Go away Satan my business will thrive even without Social Media! 30 secrets to improve your Social Media presence!