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Why Christmas Marketing beats peanut butter on Pancakes

Hello kiddos, Christmas is officially here. And before you start whining that it is not, I just wanted to state that my mother decorated our house from the 25th of November. So Unless you want to feel her ultimate wrath CHRISTMAS IS HERE KAY? But, given that my mom is probably your typical customer, and given that she gets excited about anything Christmas oriented, how about we use that to our advantage, shall we?

How to increase Email marketing performance by 56%

Well the movie sucked, let’s hope  your campaign won’t. Reading calls for help and seeing the demand for email marketing consultation, were some of the reasons why I decided to share my thoughts on this subject. The other more important reason is some data I came upon the other day, that made me realise even more the value emails can produce for your overall marketing campaign.

The 7 Viral Marketing secrets you’re looking for

What exactly could trigger virality is something that almost every company is searching for. If you ask me, this is the purpose of a marketing strategy overall; to spread your product so much into the audience that it will start spreading it around like a virus by itself. I’ve been heavily involved with referral marketing lately, so I came up with 7 secrets that ensure that you’ll increase the K-factor of your product or service.

AMAs you can’t afford to miss

In such online communities, you will often find a thing called AMA (Ask Me Anything), where great personalities are live for certain hours, available to answer as much as possible questions they can, around a topic. We listed for you some of the best communities with AMAs you shouldn’t miss if you are (or you want to be) a Growth Hacker!

30 secrets to improve your Social Media presence!

How do you even get 10k followers on Social Media? How do I even use this thing!? Too many buttons! Go away Satan my business will thrive even without Social Media! 30 secrets to improve your Social Media presence!

6 reasons why your E-Commerce site will Fail!

Creating a new e-commerce site or renewing your old one? Here are some tips to avoid failure. E-commerce is a complex and hard part of the digital world to tame. Especially given the vastness of fields like the food & the fashion industry.

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