Why Christmas Marketing beats peanut butter on Pancakes

Hello kiddos, Christmas is officially here. And before you start whining that it is not, I just wanted to state that my mother decorated our house from the 25th of November. So Unless you want to feel her ultimate wrath CHRISTMAS IS HERE KAY? But, given that my mom is probably your typical customer, and given that she gets excited about anything Christmas oriented, how about we use that to our advantage, shall we?

Christmas Marketing à la GrowthRocks


Hello kiddos, Christmas is officially here. And before you start whining that it is not, I just wanted to state that my mother decorated our house from the 25th of November.

So Unless you want to feel her ultimate wrath CHRISTMAS IS HERE KAY?

But, given that my mom is probably your typical customer, and given that she gets excited about anything Christmas oriented, how about we use that to our advantage, shall we?

Christmas is your time to shine. 

  • During the year almost 25% is sent during holidays, displayblock
  • Consumers anticipate Discounted Christmas all year long, marketing land
  • From Black Friday to Christmas  50–100% more revenue, than any other day, is generated, paymill
  • Orders on mobile saw a 6% increase during 2015, paymill

As always the statistics are here as a foundation for anyone wondering why the hell you should boost your Christmas marketing efforts dramatically.

So how about we go over some really cool stuff that will help your business one way or the other & allow you to finish 2016 with a Kaboom?

P.S This is one of the times that I feel like a weirdo with a van outside a kindergarten offering sweets to children.

1. Get into festive mode with Viral Loops

There are two things people love during Christmas: a) Spending money shamelessly on shit they never actually needed, b) taking part in every f*cking contest/sweepstake on the internet.

Viral Loops is probably the best referral marketing platform out there to create this kind of Christmas goodies and go Viral in no time.

Giveaways have never been easier to setup & to take part in.

No money, no backflips through fire. They just have to share the contest through social,email e.t.c and invite their friends.

Growth Booster ?: If you play your cards right with widgets, discounts and so on, you will build a killer list of leads to retarget.

2. Create a sense of urgency

So do you remember, when they said that back in 2012 we would all kick the bucket? Many people believed is so much that they rushed to finish all their business in a couple of days.

Ok, of course, do not tell them that the world is ending, but just use every chance you got to showcase all the killer deals you offer exclusively for the Christmas period.

THAT THEY WILL NOT HAVE AFTER THIS PERIOD. /neon arrows point to the quote

Countdowns are probably the easiest way to  achieve that and always a nice chance to get in touch with your customers again during this crucial period.

Told ya, Christmas marketing is fun ?.

3. Boost your loyalty by sending gifts to your fans

And by gifts, I do not mean cheap-ass discounts but actual gifts. It does not necessarily have to be the most expensive from your services, but something small  could also do the work.

I would strongly suggest going for gift cards and vouchers. Even if you think that this is not such a clever move, just pause for a second and think.

Is this actually the case?

I will just put a little something here from Charles Gaudet’s (Business Coach), take on Christmas Marketing.

That sparked your interest a little bit, didn’t it?

4. Concentrate Christmas marketing efforts on bottom-of-funnel customers

Christmas, and generally holidays, is one of the times that you can give it all you got.

It is wise all year to spread out your focus into increasing awareness, building your brand and figuring your shit out.

But Christmas out of all times is the best time for you to see crazy conversion numbers. This is something really feasible because of the customer behavior itself.

Just think of yourself. You want to go to buy gifts for some friends. You have been looking things online, Christmas finally comes and it is time for you to decide.

Christmas marketing allows you to let all your unicorns out of the hat…or was it rabbits? Nevermind ?

5.  Make your social posts & emails snow

No matter how strict you are as a brand you can always shake things up a little bit.

I mean come on do not be a party pooper! 

I would never encourage you to abandon your brand’s style but an alignment of your imagery with a little bit of Christmas trends would be pretty awesome.

The image is important after all, tree, snow and all these kind of emojis are a must.

Create a warm atmosphere, that it will make them press that “get it now” button.

6. Plan cautiously

A good marketing strategy for Christmas could result in a huge increase in data (we will dive deeper into that afterward) and revenue. But in order for that to happen, you have to plan carefully.

To be honest, I mostly refer to:

  • Social Media
  • Email Marketing
  • Content Marketing

The case here is that for example you should strategically allocate and distribute your content throughout the Christmas period.

E.G on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, an email would not be a bad idea at all

Use your resources wisely and know when to strike!!!

7. A/B Test  and you won’t regret it

Chances are that your traffic will literary go nuts during Christmas. It is not sure that all this traffic will convert. Most of these people will just browse throughout the net to update their Christmas wishlist.

They want to satisfy their curiosity and you will do too. Not to mention that you will build a valuable database in the process.

Just implement as many optimizations as you want and figure out what will stay after this period. Christmas will eventually end and your efforts will be fruitful in the long term.

8. Allocate your PPC Ads budget throughout the whole month

Some people take this for granted but that is not the case when it comes to Christmas marketing. Most people tend to focus their advertising efforts on these days, aka peak-days.

  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Black Friday
  • Cyber Monday
  • Green Monday

Despite those days, being the most popular ones, you could also set the ground throughout the whole month. As I mentioned above there are people that search for gifts throughout the whole year.

You should take a chance to convert them before everyone else. Neither too late neither too soon.

9. Figure out the language of the market and build content around that

In most of my articles I advise SEO optimisations, but here this is not the case since nothing can affect your ranking in a one month margin.

What you can do though is upgrade and optimise your content to include terms that are the real shit when it comes to Christmas marketing.

For example, in 2013 according to Sophie Lowe, there were 30 million searches with the abbreviation X-mas.

You can even go for new forms of content that you would not be able to promote otherwise. E.G. “Top 10 things you need this X-Mas” and so on in a pdf format.

10. Why not make Youtube a thing?

Given that I was decided that I would write this, I did a small research online and as each year passes by, I believe that the video format becomes stronger and stronger.

Even if youtube is not your main channel, an emotional piece of video during Christmas would be strongly advisable.

As an amazing article on Christmas Marketing on Think With Google states

The battle for hearts and minds now unfolds on online video.

This will probably demand a more heavy budget, but why not go for it if you have the resources?

Christmas is officially here people!

The wave of ruthless buyers hits each year, you can either surf that wave or be devoured by it. Obviously, the strategy that you will develop for this specific period will not be a lot different from what you did throughout the year.

On the contrary, it will use it as a basis and maximise its effects.

What are you planning this year? Do not forget to leave a comment with your very own Christmas strategy.

Until next time, happy growth rocking.



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